Thursday, January 27, 2005

Amsterdam Summit for the Future Day 2

Day 2 of the Club of Amsterdam Summit for the Future 2005. It was an amazing day. I attended the “Knowledge Stream” called Media and Entertainment. It is really late here, so a longer report tomorrow. But the highlight was a mind-blowing presentation by Gerd Leonhard from Switzerland, co-author of The Future of Music (Manifesto for the digital music revolution).

If you are interested in the future of music and media content, or just listen to music and wonder how it is all going to work – the making the buying the selling the downloading, etc. – then run, don’t walk, race, don’t waddle to buy this book.

I’ll give some highlights tomorrow as I said, but here are a couple. In as little as 5 years virtually all content that can be digitized will be and available on-line always, legal or not. What does that mean? How about this: imagine a music world in which artists pay you to download and listen to their music.

More tomorrow.

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Brenda Cooper said...

Nice Glen, sounds lik a lot of fun. Wish I'd been there! I really like the "global generation" idea.