Friday, November 25, 2005

Tipping Point on Public Warming to Global Warming

It seems clear to me that a tipping point was reached in the public perception of Global Warming with the broadcast on November 13, 2005 by FOX Television of their special on the subject, "The Heat is On."

This broadcast, by what is essentailly a propodanda operation, is the final act in a continuing and steady accumulation of news and events that is shfiting the public debate from "is global warming real?" to "what can we do about global warming.?"

The news made public yesterday on November 24, 2005 that studies of ice cores in the Antarctic offer firm proof that carbon dioxide levels are at their highest in 650,000 years simply tips the balance further. This study puts to rest the argument that the recent rise in atmospheric CO2 is merely part of a regular global fluctuation (a claim made based on a wish and a prayer, rather than actual evidence).

The reaching of this tipping point does not yet mean that anything will be done, simply that the debate going forward will about whether to do anything in response to a trend now accepted as real. This is no small thing.


Joe Visionary said...

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dan said...

can you read this New York Tims blog post by top science reporter there and then blog your own POV on polar cities, as a futurist? thanks


Polar Cities a Haven in Warming World?

By Andrew C. Revkin

With or without climate calamity, an urbanizing Arctic is coming.